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What happens to our bodies when we sleep?

We spend approximately a third of our life sleeping and while even academics can't agree on the true reason as to why we sleep, various pieces of evidence point to it being an essential biological function. Sleep is a vital function of the human body that is required for physical and mental well-being. This intricate biological process has numerous advantages, including supporting us in learning and integrating new information, allowing the body to heal damaged cells and tissues, and assisting us in fighting infections. During sleep, virtually every component of the body undergoes significant changes in key biological systems.

TikTok's Sleep Hacks: Do they work?

On TikTok, it is really easy to fall down a rabbit hole of various videos, from the latest celebrity drama to cooking videos. One area of TikTok that is growing in popularity is its collection of sleep hack videos. We are here to help you understand the science behind some of these viral sleep-based hacks that you may have come across on your ‘for you’ page, as well as if there’s any truth in what they are telling you.

Sleep Meditation: Secret to Better Sleep

Have you ever experienced trouble in falling asleep?  You close your eyes but your mind keeps spinning so you cannot fall asleep? Well, sometimes our minds just won’t stop bothering us – and that’s where meditation can help. To fall asleep, our body and mind need to calm down and relax. Sounds simple, right? However, many people find this utterly difficult to do. Meditation, as a relaxation technique, may help you to quiet your body and mind while enhancing inner peace and balance. This is especially useful when you start focusing on worrisome thoughts at night in bed a time when you are not as easily distracted by other things as during the day.

Nutrition and Sleep: 8 Vitamins and Minerals to catch some Z´s

As nutrition is made up of key elements that we need in our day-to-day life, many vitamins and minerals will energize us, but, in some cases, we can also use them to encourage our body into sleep. The following is a list of some of the vitamins that may help you sleep more soundly. 

6 habits for a good night´s sleep

There is no right or wrong way to sleep, but it is important to make time to work on a routine that works for you. There are, however, some habits before bedtime that may improve your sleep quality. These include:  

What are the best and worst food habits to help you sleep?

If you’re looking to change your lifestyle, it might be beneficial to observe your sleeping habits beforehand. Exercise, diet and sleep are all connected, and mastering one without the other can leave loopholes in your overall health and wellbeing. Sleep Science by Emma are experts in the science behind our beloved shut-eye. In this article, we break down the links between nutrition and sleep, deciphering the relationship between the two and what impacts the other. 

How to adjust your sleep throughout the seasons

Throughout the year, we’re used to seasons changing, and clocks changing along with it. You might find yourself having a better night’s sleep at certain points throughout the year and having more bad nights at others. This is down to several factors, but all of them are related to the changing seasons.    There are a range of factors that can affect your sleep patterns throughout the year, such as temperature, light and hormone production.  

Can music help you sleep?

There is a common perception that relaxing melodies can help you fall asleep. After all, parents have been singing lullabies to their children for centuries. But does this ring true for all age groups? Will your partner singing you a lullaby make you sleep? Can calm music aid in getting better sleep? The answer is pretty straightforward: yes! Loud sounds or noises make you feel agitated and annoyed, while soft, calming sounds help you relax and fall asleep.Research also shows that nature sounds such as rain, water streams and wind significantly improve sleep efficiency.

The benefits of napping

A nap is a brief period of sleep that occurs throughout the day. Many people swear by naps as a great way to unwind and refresh, while others find them to be ineffective and disrupting to their sleep. You can discover how to take healthy naps that support your body's internal clock and preserve your energy level during the day by understanding the role of napping.

How the world naps

Doing a power nap can have an energizing effect and, even though there are global “best practices” to make the best out of this brief period of sleep during the day, there are different napping habits around the world.

Sleep solutions you can trust

Product Review: BlissLights Sky Lite Projector

Modern life can be chaotic and stressful at times. Luckily, soothing your over-stimulated mind before bed could be easier than you think. I tested the BlissLights Sky Lite Galaxy Projector and was blown away by its ability to calm my thoughts and transform a room. With its soothing skyscape of stars and nebula clouds, Sky Lite is perfect for unwinding and relaxing at the end of the day.  This article will cover everything you need to know about Sky Lite so that you can decide if this galaxy projector is the right choice for you. 

Product Review: White Noise Machines

Have you ever experienced trying to sleep with a lot of background noise, only to find out you are unable to? We are sure you’ve tried options like putting on earplugs or stuffing your head under the pillow, which probably did not work as good as you had hoped. Thankfully, white noise machines have recently been made available to help troubled sleepers ignore disruptive background noise so they can sleep peacefully. Sleep Science wants to help everyone get the best night’s sleep. That’s why we have reviewed and tested some popular white noise machines to help you drown out the noise that keeps interrupting your sleep. But first, let’s get you informed on what these machines can do.

Product Review: Philips Smart Lightbulb

It is now well-known: light is one of the essential elements in our sleep-wake cycle. Indeed, the type of light present in the environment is connected to producing different kinds of chemical compounds. To understand this, we can take a look at the diurnal variation of light. While there is more bluish light, we are more inclined to produce excitatory hormones (first and foremost cortisol). On the other hand, during the late afternoon, when the light is reddish - hormones are linked to more relaxing effects (i.e., melatonin). Notably, the production of hormones affects our sleep-wake cycle and interacts with our mood, emotions, and feelings. In other words, the type of light surrounding us, and therefore the type and quantity of hormones produced, influence our mental life. The reasons listed above make it clear why many sleep experts recommend meticulous care in setting home lightings, particularly in the bedroom.

Product Review: Snugpak Sleeping Bag

We are all aware that the moment we recharge our energy is sleep. And if you’re an adventure seeker like me, it becomes even more critical when we are camping, climbing a mountain, or hiking.   To reach this goal is crucial to stay warm, dry, and comfortable. Specifically, one element that can put a strain on our rest is temperature. For this reason, it is of fundamental importance to choose a good, warm, and resistant sleeping bag.  The Snugpak Sleeping Bag (available now on Amazon UK) offers all these features. It is a compact, light, and thermally resistant 2 seasons sleeping bag. Furthermore, this product claims to maintain an optimum internal temperature of down to -7°C.  In the following article, we will consider the claims made on this product, emphasizing the best use that can be made of it.